Sexuality in the Arab World

Edited by Samir Khalaf and John Gagnon

November 2006 | £35.00 | $49.95 | 312pp

Arab cultural discourse has been slow to respond to changing sexual behaviour. The contributors to this collection pick up the slack, ranging across such disciplines as literature, history, sociology and psychology. Is Damascus the ‘chastity capital’ of the […]

Heart of Beirut

Samir Khalaf

March 2006 | £12.99 | $19.95 | 280pp

The Bourj in central Beirut is one of the world’s oldest and most vibrant public squares. Named after the mediaeval lookout tower that once soared above the city’s imposing ramparts, the square has also been known as Place […]

Tehran Blues

Kaveh Basmenji

November 2004 | £12.99 | $22.50 |

More than two decades after their parents rose up against the Shah’s excesses, increasing numbers of young Iranians are risking jail at the hands of religious paramilitaries roughly their own age, for things their counterparts in the West […]

Arab Social Life in the Middle Ages

Shirley Guthrie

January 1995 | £45.00 | $70.00 | 229pp

This vivid portrait of everyday life in the medieval Arab world draws on thirteenth century miniatures from collections as far afield as St Petersburg and Istanbul. The wide range of topics covers every aspect of society in the […]

Arab Rebirth

Jacques Berque

January 1983 | ££9.95 | 138

In this eloquent essay, Jacques Berque has distilled a lifetime’s love for, and study of, Arab history, life, and culture into a synthesis of remarkable insight and power. Moving effectively from pre-Islamic Arabia to twentieth-century Morocco, from theology […]

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