Marxism, Orientalism, Cosmopolitanism

Gilbert Achcar

August 2013 | £9.99 | 176

In this collection of essays, Gilbert Achcar examines the controversial relationship of Marxism to religion, to Orientalism and its critique by Edward Said, and to the concept of cosmopolitanism.  A compelling range of issues is discussed within these […]

The People Want

Gilbert Achcar

June 2013 | £16.99 | 288pp

‘The people want …’: the first part of the slogan chanted by millions of Arab protestors since 2011 revealed a long-repressed craving for democracy. But huge social and economic problems were also laid bare by the protesters’ demands. […]

The Muslim Brotherhood

Alison Pargeter

February 2013 | £10.99 | $15.95 | 288pp

Although the popular uprisings of 2011 were not driven by Islamist forces, it is the Islamist movements, and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, that have filled the power vacuums that opened up with the collapse of the regimes […]

The Construction of Belief

Edited by Dr Aziz Esmail and Dr Abdou Filali-Ansary

January 2013 | £35.00 | $55.00 | 216pp

Mohammed Arkoun was one of the most prominent and influential Arab intellectuals of his day. During a career spanning more than thirty years, he was revered as an outstanding research scholar, a bold critic of the theoretical tensions […]

Shi’ism and the Democratisation Process in Iran

Ibrahim Moussawi

March 2012 | £35.00 | $60.00 | 220pp

Since its emergence in 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran has remained a conundrum for observers, particularly in the West. This study examines the fundaments of Iran’s Islamic governance and asks the pivotal question: can democracy and Islam […]

Dynamics of Arab Foreign Policy-Making in the Twenty-First Century

Hassan Hamdan al-Alkim

January 2012 | £45.00 | $65.00 | 392pp

The Arab world’s strategic location and its considerable material and human potential should allow it to play a major role in world affairs. However, in addition to sharing language, culture and history, Arab states also face common challenges: […]

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