From Enemy Territory

Mladen Vuksanović

November 2004 | £9.99 | $19.90 | 172pp

Set at the outbreak of the war in Bosnia this diary, penned by the award-winning journalist Vuksanović , records the extraordinary unfolding of events. The author lived in the ski resort of Pale, 15 km above Sarajevo. When […]


Masoud Banisadr

June 2004 | £17.99 | $24.95 | 473pp

Growing up in the aftermath of the 1953 CIA coup in Iran exposed the young Masoud Banisadr to extremes of wealth and poverty, loyalty and betrayal. Years later in the United Kingdom, where Banisadr had gone to do […]

From Here I Can See the End

Ibrahim Yared

April 2004 | £6.99 | $11.95 | 120pp

‘The sun shines on the hill sloping down to the shore. The autumn day is pleasant and the soft breeze makes him feel satisfied although he can see the end. The bells of old age ring with a […]

Asiye’s Story

Asiye Guzel

May 2003 | £7.99 | $12.95 | 128pp

This book is Asiye Guzel’s account of her ambush by Turkey’s security forces and subsequent rape, torture and isolation. In 1996, she was incarcerated for more than five years in a Turkish jail for left-wing activism, including editing […]

Baghdad Diaries

Nuha al-Radi

January 2003 | £9.99 | 209pp

During the Gulf War in 1991, through long nights of relentless bombing and the disappearance of all amenities, Iraqi artist Nuha al-Radi began keeping a diary from her Baghdad home. She captures scenes of surreal intensity as birds […]

In the Middle of Nowhere

Ibrahim Yared

February 1998 | £9.95 | $15.95 | 141pp

Later on, when Abe – now a young man with dreams of belonging – went to live in his parents’ country, he went to the village of his family and had a tomb built in the churchyard for […]

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