Superman is an Arab

Joumana Haddad

September 2012 | £8.99 | 160pp

This is not a manifesto against men in general. Nor is it a manifesto against Arab men in particular. It is, however, a howl in the face of a particular species of men: the macho species, Supermen, as […]

My Animal Life

Maggie Gee

July 2011 | £8.99 | 286pp

Maggie Gee’s journey starts a long way from the literary world in a small family in post-war Britain. At seventeen, Maggie, goes, a lamb to the slaughter, to university.  From the 1960s onwards she lives the defining events […]

I Killed Scheherazade

Joumana Haddad

September 2010 | £8.99 | 160pp

Joumana Haddad is angry about the way Arab women are portrayed in the West. In I Killed Scheherazade she challenges prevalent notions of identity and womanhood in the Middle East and speaks of her own intellectual development and […]

In Jail with Nazım Hikmet

Orhan Kemal

June 2010 | £10.99 | $15.95 | 224pp

Bursa prison, mid-winter 1940. Two prisoners meet, both writers, both serving long sentences for allegedly inciting Turkish soldiers to mutiny. One is Turkey’s most famous poet and communist, Nazım Hikmet; the other a young, aspiring poet, Orhan Kemal, […]

The Silence of my Father

Alexandre Najjar

April 2010 | £7.99 | $12.95 | 112pp

Alexandre Najjar’s father was celebrated in the legal profession for his rare eloquence. In the courtroom the word is everything, and his work was his life. He was also the father of six children, punishing them severely when they broke the […]

Hussein and Abdullah

Randa Habib

February 2010 | £16.99 | $24.95 | 258pp

In January 1999, a newswire shocked Jordan. King Hussein announced that it was not his brother Hassan that would succeed him but his son Abdullah. Less than a week later, King Hussein was dead. During his forty-six-year reign, […]

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