An Introduction to Arab Poetics


February 2003 | £6.99 | $10.95 | 112pp

Poetry is the quintessence of Arab culture. In this book, one of the foremost Arab poets reinterprets a rich and ancient heritage. He examines the oral tradition of pre-Islamic Arabian poetry, as well as the relationship between Arabic […]

Bedouin Poetry

Clinton Bailey

February 2002 | £24.95 | $30.00 | 473pp

The desert-dwelling Bedouin have always been a subject of intense fascination. Their culture and ethics are still largely a mystery. Like other non-literate peoples, the Bedouin have a strong tradition of oral poetry, which plays an indispensible role […]

The Genesis of Arabic Narrative Discourse

Sabry Hafez

February 2001 | £40.00 | $60.00 |

After formulating a theoretical foundation for the sociology of narrative genres based on the work of Bakhtin, Foucault, Goldmann, Jauss and Said, this work challenges the widely held assumption that Arabic culture stagnated before its contact with the […]


Basil Hatim

February 2001 | £16.95 | $26.95 | 240pp

Unlike other available translation manuals, English-Arabic/Arabic-English Translation: A Practical Guide transcends crude dichotomies of ‘literal’ vs ‘free’ translation, ‘specialized’ vs ‘general’, ‘communicative’ vs ‘semantic.’ It concentrates instead on developing a sensitivity to text-types and a deeper understanding of […]

A Summer Without Dawn

Agop J. Hacikyan

Jean-Yves Soucy

September 2000 | £17.95 | 545pp

Through the epic story of a family, A Summer Without Dawn recounts the tragic fate and struggle for survival of the Armenian people during World War I. Vartan Balian, a fugitive from Ottoman persecution, scours the Turkish Empire […]

The Garden of Joys

Henry Cattan

May 2000 | £9.95 | $14.95 | 175pp

The Garden of Joys is an anthology of anecdotes, fables, stories and proverbs related and translated from the oral tradition of the Arab lands and from Persian and Arabic literature. Henry Cattan has selected from a number of […]

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