Akbar Ahmed

Akbar Ahmed

June 2009 | £9.99 | $15.95 | 144pp

Noor is the tale of three brothers attempting to rescue their sister Noor, who has been kidnapped during Ramadan. Each brother represents a different ideological position in the contemporary Islamic world that could be set in Baghdad but […]

A Brief Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet

John F. Healey

G. Rex Smith

March 2009 | £7.99 | $11.95 | 128pp

The Arabic alphabet has a rich history, one that is closely linked with the development of culture and society in the Middle East. In this comprehensive introduction the authors trace the origins of the Arabic alphabet back to […]

The Dramatic Literature of Nawal El Saadawi

Nawal El Saadawi

March 2009 | £9.99 | $15.95 | 208pp

Nawal El Saadawi’s most recent play, God Resigns at the Summit Meeting, created an uproar in her native Egypt. On the basis of the title alone, officials declared the work heretical and charged El Saadawi with insulting the […]

Modern Arabic Short Stories

Edited by Ronak Husni and Daniel L. Newman

May 2008 | £14.99 | $21.95 | 304pp

The twelve stories collected here are by leading authors of the short story form in the Middle East today. In addition to works by writers already well-known in the West such as Idwār al-Kharrāṭ, Fu’ād al-Takarlī and Nobel […]

Pashtun Tales

Edited by Aisha Ahmad and Roger Boase

April 2008 | £9.99 | $14.95 | 368pp

These stories were collected in the tribal areas of the Pakistan-Afghan border, a region once described as ‘the last free place on earth’, where the caravan routes from Persia, India and China historically converged. With a blend of […]

A Brief Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature

David Tresilian

March 2008 | £7.99 | $11.95 | 184pp

Modern Arabic literature remains little known and poorly understood despite growing curiosity among European readers. This brief introduction offers a unique overview, focusing on developments over the last fifty years. It provides a guide to the literary landscape, […]

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