The Bosnian Church

John Fine

March 2007 | £30.00 | $49.95 | 430pp

John Fine’s major classic work on the history and nature of the medieval Bosnian Church, which flourished on the fault-line dividing the worlds of Western and Eastern Christianity, is now back in print with an important new introduction. […]

Flag on the Mountain

Ivo Žanić

February 2007 | £35.00 | $59.95 | 570pp

Myths arose in Europe about far-flung exotic lands – particularly Serbia and Montenegro – based on the nineteenth-century heroic epic poetry of the South Slavs. These were lands populated by ‘noble savages’ for whom freedom and martial honour […]

The Kurds

Edited by Faleh A. Jabar and Hosham Dawod

November 2006 | £35.00 | $49.95 | 344pp

In the aftermath of the Second Gulf War, the Kurdish people are on the verge of establishing themselves as a recognised political force within a federation. The case of the Kurds, therefore, provides a strong foundation for drawing […]

Power, Politics and the Hidden History of Arabian Oil

Aileen Keating

November 2006 | £35.00 | 592pp

In 1918, New Zealand mining engineer Frank Holmes spoke of ‘an immense Arabian oilfield running from Kuwait down the mainland coast.’ No one believed him. When Holmes struck oil in 1932, Britain and America scrambled to rectify their […]

The Life of Saladin

Sir Hamilton Gibb

September 2006 | £9.99 | $14.95 | 94pp

Saladin, the Kurdish founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty, ruled Egypt and Syria, made enemies of the fabled Assyrians and conquered Jerusalem in 1187, repelling the Crusaders (and prompting their resurgence in the Third Crusade). His chivalry and impeccably […]

Images from the Endgame

John Tchalenko

August 2006 | £19.99 | $34.95 | 264pp

On 11 August 1913, the Tsar’s consul in Persia, Alexander Iyas, photographed the head of the Kurdish Piran tribe in front of a group of fierce-looking warriors from Baiz-Pasha’s Mangur tribe. He was thus marking a reconciliation he […]

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