The Meaning of Mecca

M.E. McMillan

September 2011 | £25.00 | $37.95 | 196pp

The ḥajj, the fifth pillar of Islam, is a religious duty to be performed once in a lifetime by all able Muslims. The Prophet Muḥammad set out the rituals of ḥajj when he led what became known as […]

The Arabs and the Holocaust

Gilbert Achcar

June 2011 | £14.99 | 366pp

The Arab–Israeli conflict goes far beyond the wars waged on Middle East battlefields. There is also a war of narratives revolving around the two defining traumas of the conflict: the Holocaust and the Nakba. One side is charged […]

The Arab Rediscovery of Europe

Ibrahim Abu-Lughod

February 2011 | £14.99 | $21.95 | 192pp

Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798 exposed the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire to a Europe vastly different from the one known to the Arabs of the Middle Ages. At the start of the nineteenth century, Arabs […]

A Brief Introduction to Astronomy in the Middle East

John M. Steele

March 2008 | £7.99 | $11.95 | 160pp

The Middle East was both the birthplace of astronomy and the centre for its development during the medieval period. In this brief introduction John Steele offers an intriguing insight into the Middle Eastern achievements in astronomy and their […]

Croatia Through History

Branka Magaš

November 2007 | £45.00 | $60.00 | 746pp

This ground-breaking work recounts Croatia’s development from its inception in the early Middle Ages to the present day. Croatia Through History examines institutions, ideology, social evolution and political strategy to explain crucial turning points in the country’s complex […]

British-Egyptian Relations

Edited by Noel Brehony and Ayman El-Desouky

October 2007 | £16.99 | $21.95 | 336pp

This account of the first major forum to review relations between Britain and Egypt, held in London in 2006, demonstrates how political, economic and cultural interaction between the countries has developed since the Suez invasion of 1956. In […]

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