Women in Kuwait

Haya al-Mughni

February 2001 | £16.95 | $24.50 | 220pp

A unique portrait of Kuwaiti women, Women in Kuwait discusses a wide range of issues: the impact of the oil era; the growth of the state; the emergence of women’s organizations in a male-dominated society; the recent Islamic […]

Arab Women in the Middle Ages

Arab Women in the Middle Ages

Shirley Guthrie

January 2001 | £35.00 | $55.00 | 268pp

Regardless of social rank and religion, whether Christian, Jew, or Muslim, Arab women in the middle ages played an important role in the functioning of society. This book is a journey into their daily lives, their private spaces […]

Woman Against Her Sex

Woman Against Her Sex

Georges Tarabishi

February 1988 | £14.95 | $22.95 | 243pp

This is a provocative critique of the work of the Egyptian feminist Nawal el-Saadawi. Tarabishi argues that the heroines of her novels, far from being shining examples of liberated womanhood, have unconsciously absorbed a male ideology that actually […]

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