While the Shark is Sleeping

Milena Agus

February 2014 | £7.99 | $12.95 | 160pp

The Sevilla Mendoza family, long-time residents of the Sardinian coast, are not quite what you’d call ‘conventional’. At the heart of the family is a young teenage girl in the throes of a dangerous affair with a married […]

The Lady from Tel Aviv

Rabai al-Madhoun

July 2013 | £8.99 | $14.95 | 288pp

Wail Dahman is going home. Returning to Gaza after nearly four decades in exile, he looks forward to embracing his mother and reconnecting with the people and place he once left behind. Boarding the flight from London, Wald’s […]

No Sex in the City

Randa Abdel-Fattah

July 2013 | £7.99 | 384pp

It is a truth universally acknowledged . . . Esma is a modern Muslim woman with an age-old dilemma. She is well-educated, well-travelled and has excellent taste in music, but the hunt for Mr Right leads her to […]


Maggie Gee

May 2013 | £ | 272pp

Paula is a victim of mysterious harassment. She lives near the railway line that carries nuclear waste through the heart of London and feels curiously, constantly unwell. Grace, her remarkable eighty-five-year-old aunt, deplores the evils of the modern […]


Gabriel Gbadamosi

April 2013 | £12.99 | $15.95 | 324pp

1970s London: Young Michael runs past the railway arches and terraces of Vauxhall. Reaching the street on which he lives, he witnesses a young girl fall from a window, her sari floating down behind her. Her lifeless body […]

The Geneva Option

Adam LeBor

March 2013 | £7.99 | 368pp

Yael Azoulay does the United Nations’ dirty work. From the caves of Afghanistan and the slums of Baghdad to the world’s corporate boardrooms, Yael’s job is to broker the secret deals that oil the wheels of superpower diplomacy […]

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