Higher Education in the Gulf States

Edited by Christopher Davidson and Peter Mackenzie Smith

November 2008 | £14.99 | $21.95 | 192pp

Nowhere in the world is university education expanding as rapidly as in the six-member state of the Gulf Cooperation Council. In two generations the region has gone from having the Middle East’s least educated population to boasting a […]

Income Determination in the International Petroleum Industry

Abdulhadi H. Taher

June 2008 | £35.00 | $50.00 | 226pp

The treatment of joint costs, which has troubled the sector for decades, is an integral part of any study of accounting in the petroleum industry. Taher treats joint costs and the problem of ‘transfer prices’ from one division […]

Oil and Democracy in Iraq

Edited by Robert Springborg

February 2007 | £14.99 | $29.95 | 128pp

This is the first major study of the alternatives confronting Iraq as it seeks to rebuild its vital oil industry while simultaneously constructing a new political system. A key challenge facing the country is to allocate the revenues […]

Power, Politics and the Hidden History of Arabian Oil

Aileen Keating

November 2006 | £35.00 | 592pp

In 1918, New Zealand mining engineer Frank Holmes spoke of ‘an immense Arabian oilfield running from Kuwait down the mainland coast.’ No one believed him. When Holmes struck oil in 1932, Britain and America scrambled to rectify their […]

The GCC States in an Unstable World

Hassan Hamdan al-Alkim

February 1994 | £45.00 | $70.00 | 234pp

The states of the lower Gulf and Saudi Arabia share a similar economic, social and political situation. On the one hand, they have a relatively small population, a high per capita income and a relatively low capacity to […]

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