The Secret History of al-Qa‘ida

Abdel Bari Atwan

February 2006 | £16.99 | 258pp

Over the last ten years, journalist and al-Qa‘ida expert Abdel Bari Atwan has cultivated uniquely well-placed sources and amassed a wealth of information about al-Qa‘ida’s origins, masterminds and plans for the future. Atwan reveals how al-Qa‘ida’s radical departure […]

Tibet and China in the Twenty-first Century

John Heath

June 2005 | £18.00 | $29.95 | 332pp

The Chinese occupation of Tibet is one of the world’s hot-button issues, but the social and political realities of the situation are more complex than commonly acknowledged and change frequently over time. John Heath’s overview lends a clear […]

Future Iraq

Geoff Simons

May 2003 | £14.99 | $22.95 | 400pp

What are the implications of the occupation of Iraq for the region as a whole? What does the US really want, and how will the states of the Middle East respond? Geoff Simons considers the region’s disparate power […]

Asiye’s Story

Asiye Guzel

May 2003 | £7.99 | $12.95 | 128pp

This book is Asiye Guzel’s account of her ambush by Turkey’s security forces and subsequent rape, torture and isolation. In 1996, she was incarcerated for more than five years in a Turkish jail for left-wing activism, including editing […]

Letters to the Celestial Serbs

Gojko Berić

October 2002 | £14.99 | $22.50 | 296pp

As a columnist for Oslobodenj (Sarajevo’s acclaimed daily newspaper), Gojko Berić gained an international reputation for his grimly ironic yet passionate writing from the city under siege. Since then, as this eloquent selection of his recent writing demonstrates, […]

Cult, Ghetto and State

Maxime Rodinson

January 1983 | £10.95 | $19.95 | 240pp

Jewish Studies, Maxime Rodinson writes in Cult, Ghetto and State: The Persistence of the Jewish Question, has been a field in which ideological delirium has long had virtually free rein. In this collection of lively and provocative essays, […]

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