What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East

Brian Whitaker

August 2009 | £10.99 | $16.95 | 384pp

The problems in the Middle East run deeper than dictatorship. Inspired by the popular uprisings that overthrew the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt, Arabs across the Middle East are demanding change. But achieving real freedom will involve more […]

British-Egyptian Relations

Edited by Noel Brehony and Ayman El-Desouky

October 2007 | £16.99 | $21.95 | 336pp

This account of the first major forum to review relations between Britain and Egypt, held in London in 2006, demonstrates how political, economic and cultural interaction between the countries has developed since the Suez invasion of 1956. In […]

Turkey, the US and Iraq

William Hale

April 2007 | £14.99 | $29.95 | 175pp

The American-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003 has affected Turkey’s foreign policy in unpredictable ways. On the one hand stood Turkey’s vital alliance with the US, stretching back to the early days of the cold war; on […]

Rafiq Hariri and the Fate of Lebanon

Marwan Iskandar

June 2006 | £16.99 | $24.95 | 230pp

On Valentine’s Day 2005 Lebanon’s former prime minister and self-made billionaire Rafiq Hariri was assassinated by a massive bomb that destroyed his motorcade in Beirut. The Lebanese people protested throughout the country in response. The United Nations Security […]

Imams and Emirs

Fuad I. Khuri

March 2006 | £14.99 | $25.95 | 272pp

In this classic, comprehensive study of Islamic sects in the contemporary Arab world, Khuri focuses on the Sunni, Shi‘a, Alawis, Druze, Ibadis, Zaidis, Yazidis and the Maronites (who, although Christian, are included because they share certain distinguishing features). […]

The Clash of Barbarisms

Gilbert Achcar

March 2006 | £9.99 | 192pp

The London bombings of 7 July 2005 revived the debates that raged after 11 September, 2001. What relation did they bear to the foreign and war policies of the UK and the US? Were they symptoms of a […]