Cities of the South

Edited by Barbara Drieskens, Franck Mermier and Heiko Wimmen

November 2007 | £30.00 | $45.00 | 338pp

Major cities worldwide are caught in a whirlwind of change that is turning urban spaces into strategic sites for emerging and yet undefined forms of citizenship. Migration, civil society, new spaces of consumption and exclusion, and an array […]

The Gulf Family

Edited by Alanoud Alsharekh

September 2007 | £14.99 | $21.95 | 200pp

The six Arab States of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are all monarchies, but their societies, economies and politics are organised primarily through kinship, in the form of extended families and tribes. No other region in the world […]

The Imagination Unbound

Kamal Abu-Deeb

May 2007 | £40.00 | $60.00 | 204pp

Contrary to common perception, the fantastic in literature was not a modern European invention. Rather, the fantastic is present in Arabic narrative dating to the ninth century. The ‘imagination unbound’ can even be traced back to pre-Islamic mythical […]

Sexuality in the Arab World

Edited by Samir Khalaf and John Gagnon

November 2006 | £35.00 | $49.95 | 312pp

Arab cultural discourse has been slow to respond to changing sexual behaviour. The contributors to this collection pick up the slack, ranging across such disciplines as literature, history, sociology and psychology. Is Damascus the ‘chastity capital’ of the […]

The Shi‘is of Saudi Arabia

Fouad Ibrahim

June 2006 | £35.00 | $59.95 | 304pp

The Shi’is of Saudi Arabia offers a comprehensive overview of the evolution of Shi’i opposition in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, from the Iranian Revolution in 1979 to the ascension of Abdullah to the throne in 2005. […]

Imagined Masculinities

Edited by Mai Ghoussoub and Emma Sinclair-Webb

April 2006 | £14.99 | $19.95 | 296pp

Writings on gender in the Middle East have tended to focus on the status of women. Issues of male identity, in a region which has seen enormous social change over the past thirty years, have been somewhat neglected.  […]

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