A Lost Summer

Edited by Maureen Ali

May 2008 | £8.99 | $14.95 | 82pp

The summer 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon was reflected through a variety of media in the words and images of ordinary people. Blogs proliferated, emails zapped through cyberspace and text messages punched out instant reactions […]

Honour Killing

Ayse Onal

May 2008 | £12.99 | $19.95 | 256pp

Honour killing persists across the Middle East, where regimes refrain from tackling primitive traditions for fear of sparking unrest. Ayse Onal interviewed imprisoned men in Turkey convicted of killing their mothers, sisters and daughters. The result is a […]

The Fire This Time

Randall Kenan

March 2008 | £9.99 | 152pp

James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time was one of the essential books of the sixties and one of the most galvanizing statements of the American civil rights movement. Now, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, with a new […]

Re-Imagining Asia

Edited by Shaheen Merali

March 2008 | £19.99 | $29.95 | 400pp

Re-Imagining Asia brings together a wide-ranging group of contemporary artists and thinkers who explore the cultural and artistic imagination of Asia. Beyond the often-mythologized ‘idea’ of Asia, the contributors investigate artistic heritage and political orientation, as well as […]

Living with Djinns

Barbara Drieskens

February 2008 | £25.00 | $40.00 | 266pp

The djinn is an invisible spirit with a will of its own that may hide in the bathroom, lurk in dark alleys or under staircases to seep through the pores of its victims and possess them. Djinns have […]

Selected Writings

Mai Ghoussoub

February 2008 | £12.99 | $17.95 | 266pp

Mai Ghoussoub was a woman who lived with one foot in the East and one in the West, who embodied cosmopolitanism, and who was deeply committed to freedom of expression. Drawing on her own extraordinary experiences as well […]

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