A Brief Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet

John F. Healey

G. Rex Smith

March 2009 | £7.99 | $11.95 | 128pp

The Arabic alphabet has a rich history, one that is closely linked with the development of culture and society in the Middle East. In this comprehensive introduction the authors trace the origins of the Arabic alphabet back to […]

A Brief Introduction to Astronomy in the Middle East

John M. Steele

March 2008 | £7.99 | $11.95 | 160pp

The Middle East was both the birthplace of astronomy and the centre for its development during the medieval period. In this brief introduction John Steele offers an intriguing insight into the Middle Eastern achievements in astronomy and their […]

A Brief Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature

David Tresilian

March 2008 | £7.99 | $11.95 | 184pp

Modern Arabic literature remains little known and poorly understood despite growing curiosity among European readers. This brief introduction offers a unique overview, focusing on developments over the last fifty years. It provides a guide to the literary landscape, […]

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