Creating Spaces of Freedom

Edited by Els van der Plas, Malu Halasa and Marlous Willemsen

January 2002 | £14.95 | $24.95 | 196pp

In some countries, artists who express dissenting views of the social and cultural circumstances, in which they live and work, experience resistance ranging from social exclusion to, at worst, state oppression. In response, they seek refuge within their […]

Post-Islamic Classicism

Kanan Makiya

February 2001 | £45.00 | 160pp

Metamorphosing “dead” Abbasid forms into living modern architecture lies at the roots of Mohamed Makiya’s classicism as an architect. This essay charts the stages of this metamorphosis from the Khulafa Mosque (1963) and the Kuwait State Mosque (one […]

The Art of Palestinian Embroidery

Leila El Khalidi

February 1999 | £25.00 | 175pp

The Palestinian folk arts have a rich and fascinating history. Silk thread and embroidery, together with an expanding repertoire of symbols, are known to have made their way from China to the Holy Land along the Silk and […]

Beauty and the East

Wendy Buonaventura

November 1998 | £14.95 | $24.95 | 160pp

This fascinating story of body care and the creation of sensual ambiance focuses on customs practised in the Middle East, Africa and India and takes a humorous look at the often converse attitudes towards the body prevailing in […]


Godfrey Goodwin

August 1993 | £40.00 | $60.00 | 136pp

In this major contribution to an understanding of the development of Ottoman architecture, Godfrey Goodwin focuses on the work of one of the greatest 16th-century architects, Sinan Abdulmennan, showing how he revolutionized inherited Ottoman building methods—a tradition based […]

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