Journeys of a Sufi Musician

Journeys of a Sufi Musician

Kudsi Erguner

September 2005 | £14.99 | $24.95 | 142pp

Kudsi Erguner spent his childhood in the Sufi gathering places of Istanbul, mastering the reed flute of the Turkish Mevlevi tradition; and his adulthood roaming the world, performing with the likes of Peter Brook, Jean-Michel Jarre and Peter […]



Jean-Pierre Liégeois

August 2005 | £9.99 | $14.95 | 192pp

The Gypsies have always been subject to myths about their origins, customs and social organization, in large part because of widespread ignorance. In this lively and informative book, Jean-Pierre Liégeois redresses this shortcoming. Starting with an examination of […]

Pedigree Girls.indd

Pedigree Girls

Sherwin Tjia

April 2005 | £8.99 | 216pp

The Pedigree Girls would sell their own parents for a diamond necklace, had they not already killed them for the life insurance. With Prada handbags where their hearts should be, the musings of these teenage trust-funders – on […]

The Art of Madi

The Art of Madi

Hussein Madi

April 2005 | £35.00 | $59.95 | 335pp

The art of the painter, sculptor and printmaker Hussein Madi has been viewed by thousands of people around the world at such venues as the British Museum, the Venice Biennale and Tokyo’s Ueno Museum. However, it has never […]



Paul Lowe

April 2005 | £18.99 | $35.00 | 172pp

A man stands at the entrance to a narrow ‘sniper’s corridor’, struck by a shaft of light, deliberating whether or not to dash across; a couple embrace lovingly on a terrace overlooking Sarajevo; in a tavern a young […]

The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami

The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami

Alberto Elena

April 2005 | £12.99 | $24.50 | 297pp

Abbas Kiarostami’s films have taken their place alongside the masterworks of world cinema. He remains the most influential filmmaker of post-revolutionary Iran and has produced a body of work that is as rooted in his native land as […]

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