Jean-Pierre Liégeois

August 2005 | £9.99 | $14.95 | 192pp

The Gypsies have always been subject to myths about their origins, customs and social organization, in large part because of widespread ignorance. In this lively and informative book, Jean-Pierre Liégeois redresses this shortcoming. Starting with an examination of […]

The Art of Madi

Hussein Madi

April 2005 | £35.00 | $59.95 | 335pp

The art of the painter, sculptor and printmaker Hussein Madi has been viewed by thousands of people around the world at such venues as the British Museum, the Venice Biennale and Tokyo’s Ueno Museum. However, it has never […]

The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami

Alberto Elena

April 2005 | £12.99 | $24.50 | 297pp

Abbas Kiarostami’s films have taken their place alongside the masterworks of world cinema. He remains the most influential filmmaker of post-revolutionary Iran and has produced a body of work that is as rooted in his native land as […]

Portrait Photographs from Isfahan

Parisa Damandan

November 2004 | £19.99 | 263pp

The establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 meant women were forced to wear the hijab, and photographs of them uncovered were forbidden. As a result, many photographers studios were burnt to the ground, while remaining […]

The Art of Rawas

Mohammad Rawas

Edited by Heather Reyes

October 2004 | £35.00 | $55.00 | 239pp

Mohammad Rawas stands today at the peak of an outstanding artistic career. Those familiar with his work will welcome this volume as a much-needed permanent source of reference, while those encountering the artist for the first time can […]


Shaheen Merali

August 2004 | £12.99 | $19.95 | 120pp

Shaheen Merali’s oeuvre extends from large-scale installations to remapping colonial history through collages and batiks. Acutely aware of how popular culture acts as a carrier of social prejudice and invective, his work is exercised specifically by the racial […]

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