New York States of Mind

New York States of Mind

Edited by Shaheen Merali

January 2008 | £19.99 | $29.95 | 400pp

New York States of Mind addresses the current state of art and film as explored by artists living and/or working in New York. This vivid collection of artists’ interviews, film synopses and essays investigates how post-war aesthetic developments […]

Black Britain

Black Britain

Paul Gilroy

September 2007 | £19.99 | $35.00 | 320pp

Black people have inhabited the British Isles for centuries. Eminent professor Paul Gilroy, renowned for his work exploring the social and cultural dimensions of British blackness and black Britishness, has assembled a living visual history of their social […]

Birds Journey

The Birds’ Journey to Mount Qaf

Hooda Shawa Qaddumi

February 2007 | £18.00 | $29.95 | 48pp

When all the birds of the world assemble and decide that they are in need of a king, the wise hoopoe bird steps forward and offers to lead them to a mighty monarch who lives in the marvellous […]

Tehran Studio

Tehran Studio Works

Edited by Mirjam Shatanawi

January 2007 | £12.99 | $22.95 | 144pp

From his rich, colourful and uncompromising oeuvre, it’s easy to see why Khosrow Hassanzadeh is one of Iran’s leading contemporary artists. A former fruit seller and volunteer soldier, he cuts an unusual figure in Tehran’s high society art […]

Images from the Endgame

Images from the Endgame

John Tchalenko

August 2006 | £19.99 | $34.95 | 264pp

On 11 August 1913, the Tsar’s consul in Persia, Alexander Iyas, photographed the head of the Kurdish Piran tribe in front of a group of fierce-looking warriors from Baiz-Pasha’s Mangur tribe. He was thus marking a reconciliation he […]

Chant Avedissian

Cairo Stencils

Chant Avedissian

Edited by Rose Issa

January 2006 | £12.99 | $19.95 | 144pp

In his highly-coloured, irresistible stencilled images, Egyptian-Armenian artist Chant Avedissian – who refined his techniques in Western art schools and whose inspiration is fuelled by the pantheon of Egypt’s modern political/cultural Golden Age – deftly explores the boundaries […]

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