Patterns, Costumes and Stencils

Patterns, Costumes & Stencils

Chant Avedissian

January 2009 | £12.99 | $19.95 | 128pp

This unique collection of Chant Avedissian’s artwork leads us on a journey that crosses boundaries of all kinds: geographical, cultural and temporal. Avedissian takes his inspiration from diverse cultures and traditions – from the colourful textiles of Rajasthan […]

Shadi Ghadirian

Shadi Ghadirian

Edited by Rose Issa

November 2008 | £7.99 | $12.95 | 64pp

Shadi Ghadirian is one of Iran’s leading contemporary photographers. Born in Tehran in 1974, she has exhibited widely in Europe and the US, and her work has been collected by museums worldwide. She came to the limelight in […]

A Lost Summer

A Lost Summer

Edited by Maureen Ali

May 2008 | £8.99 | $14.95 | 82pp

The summer 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon was reflected through a variety of media in the words and images of ordinary people. Blogs proliferated, emails zapped through cyberspace and text messages punched out instant reactions […]

Re-Imagining Asia

Re-Imagining Asia

Edited by Shaheen Merali

March 2008 | £19.99 | $29.95 | 400pp

Re-Imagining Asia brings together a wide-ranging group of contemporary artists and thinkers who explore the cultural and artistic imagination of Asia. Beyond the often-mythologized ‘idea’ of Asia, the contributors investigate artistic heritage and political orientation, as well as […]

Afghanistan A Darkness Visible


Seamus Murphy

February 2008 | £40.00 | $50.00 | 248pp

From 1994 to 2006 Seamus Murphy photographed the Taliban regime, the tumultuous years of civil war, and the historical elections following the fall of the Taliban. Alongside scenes of war and politics, his magnificent photographs capture intimate images […]

Belonging and Globilisation

Belonging and Globilisation

Edited by Kamal Boullata

January 2008 | £15.99 | $21.95 | 176pp

These essays bring together voices that are involved in shaping the art and cultural scenes outside the Western mainstream. Focusing on the concept of belonging, they explore how contemporary art produced outside the bounds of dominant cultural circuits […]

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