Islamic Art and the Museum

Edited by Benoît Junod, Georges Khalil, Stefan Weber and Gerhard Wolf

January 2013 | £25.00 | $37.95 | 374pp

The first years of the twenty-first century have witnessed an impressive re-evaluation of Islamic art and archaeology. However, while museums and galleries become increasingly important forums for public interest in Muslim cultures, there has been little discussion about […]

The Calligrapher’s Garden

April 2012 | £10.00 | $14.95 | 130pp

Hassan Massoudy’s elegant calligraphy depicts the four seasons of the garden. From the icy palettes of winter and the fading hues of autumn to delicate spring growth and the dazzling sunshine and blooms of summer, he captures in […]

Parastou Forouhar

Edited by Rose Issa

October 2010 | £14.99 | $21.95 | 127pp

The Iranian artist Parastou Forouhar expresses her reaction to the perplexing situations in her homeland through a wide variety of techniques, from photography to digital drawings and multi-media installations. This is the first English-language monograph on her work, […]

Serpent of the Nile

Wendy Buonaventura

June 2010 | £14.99 | 224pp

This newly updated and beautifully illustrated classic is a celebration of the female dancers of the Arab world, and their impact on the West. Serpent of the Nile traces the origins of Arabic dance, which survived despite religious […]

Maliheh Afnan

Edited by Rose Issa

March 2010 | £25.00 | $39.95 | 178pp

Maliheh Afnan’s work appears ‘as a relic of an older civilization or an archaeological excavation into the collective psyche. The delicacy of Persian miniatures and manuscripts, which she remembers from childhood, is mirrored in her love for intimate […]

Palestinian Art

Kamal Boullata

February 2009 | £25.00 | $35.95 | 368pp

Kamal Boullata offers the first insider’s study of Palestinian art. The only authoritative account in English yet published, this scholarly analysis presents insights into the development of Palestinian art before and after the cataclysmic events of 1948 during […]

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