Many and Many A Year Ago

Selçuk Altun

August 2009 | £7.99 | $13.95 | 272pp

Kemal Kuray is lucky to escape with his life after his beloved F-16 hurtles to the ground in a test flight. Convalescence comes in the form of a comfortable monthly allowance and an opulent apartment in a mysterious […]

The Fall of the Imam

Nawal El Saadawi

July 2009 | £7.99 | $13.95 | 240pp

Surrounded by a coterie of ministers, the Imam rules over an imaginary earthly kingdom. Bint Allah is the Daughter of God, a beautiful illegitimate girl. She is falsely accused by the Imam of adultery and sentenced to death […]

Another Gulmohar Tree

Aamer Hussein

May 2009 | £6.99 | $12.95 | 120pp

Usman is visiting post-war London from Pakistan when he meets a young aspiring artist called Lydia who has, like himself, come out of an unhappy marriage. Just as the lonely strangers’ friendship begins to blossom into something deeper […]

In Their Father’s Country

Anne-Marie Drosso

April 2009 | £7.99 | $13.95 | 232pp

Claire and Gabrielle Sahli are sisters growing up in 1920s Cairo. Of Levantine descent, they occupy a precarious position in Egypt’s increasingly nationalist world. With the early death of their father, the sisters find themselves dependent on others as […]

A Designated Man

Moris Farhi

March 2009 | £12.99 | 352pp

Osip returns home to a remote island in the Mediterranean, hoping that it will provide him a haven after the traumas of war. On his arrival, he narrowly escapes death at the hands of Bostan, a supreme feudist. […]

Anthology of Black Humour

André Breton

February 2009 | £9.99 | 416pp

This is Breton’s definitive statement on l’humour noir, one of the seminal concepts of Surrealism. In his provocative anthology of the writers he most admires, Breton discusses the acerbic aphorisms of Swift, Lichtenberg and Duchamp, the theatrical slapstick […]

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