Palestine in Black and White

February 2018 | £10.99 | 128pp

Palestine in Black and White is an intimate and powerful portrayal of life under occupation from one of the most talented cartoonists working today. Mohammad Sabaaneh has gained worldwide renown for his black and white sketches. His stark […]

Dance of the Jakaranda

Peter Kimani

March 2018 | £8.99 | 352pp

New York Times Notable Book of the Year 1963. Kenya is on the verge of independence from British colonial rule. In the Great Rift Valley, Kenyans of all backgrounds come together in the previously white-only establishment of the […]

So Many Islands

Edited by Nicholas Laughlin

April 2018 | £8.99 | 256

So Many Islands breaks out bold new writing from the distant shores of countries in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific oceans. Here you will find poems about revolution and protest. You will be transported to Marakei, ‘the […]

Nabil Anani

Nabil Anani

May 2018 | £25.00 | 172pp

Considered by many as a key founder of the contemporary Palestinian art movement, Nabil Anani is one of the most prominent Palestinian artists working today. A painter, ceramicist and sculptor, Anani has built an impressive catalogue of outstanding, […]

Pay No Heed to the Rockets

Marcello Di Cintio

May 2018 | £8.99 | 192pp

Marcello Di Cintio has travelled across Palestine, from the Allenby Bridge and Ramallah, to Jerusalem and Gaza, meeting with writers, poets, librarians, booksellers and readers. He found extraordinary stories in every corner. Stories of how revolutionary writing is […]

Coping With Uncertainty

Jörg Gertel

Ralf Hexel

June 2018 | £25.00 | $35.00 | 400pp

Seven years after the Arab uprisings, the social situation has deteriorated across the Middle East and North Africa. Political, economic and personal insecurities have expanded and, against a backdrop of escalating armed conflicts and disintegrating state structures, many […]

Elsewhere, Home

Leila Aboulela

July 2018 | £8.99 | 256pp

Which part of ourselves is lost when life takes us somewhere new? A bride joining her husband in Britain yearns for the freedom of her student days in Khartoum; a romance fails to bloom between a spoilt Sudanese […]

The Nakba

Edited by Atef Alshaer

August 2018 | £16.99 | 320pp

The Nakba or ‘catastrophe’ of 1948 saw hundreds of thousands of Palestinians dispossessed from their land to create the state of Israel, creating a refugee crisis that is still ongoing today. This trauma is a central theme in […]


Basma Hamdy

Noha Zayed

September 2018 | £25.00 | 160pp

Egyptian cities and villages abound with an enormous wealth of khatt, or calligraphic script, ranging from casual scrawls and scribbles to elaborately-painted colourful murals. These historical and contemporary versions of urban lettering, varying in surface, medium and technique, […]

Sea of Troubles

Ian Rutledge

September 2018 | £20.00 | 384pp

By 1750, approximately three quarters of the Mediterranean coastline and its hinterlands were controlled by a vast Islamic power, the centuries-old Ottoman Empire. However, by the twentieth century, this great civilisation, once regarded by Christian Europe with awe […]

Wally Funk’s Race for Space

Sue Nelson

October 2018 | £16.99 | 320pp

The incredible true story of one of history’s forgotten female aviation pioneers, set against the backdrop of space exploration. In 1961, Wally Funk was among the Mercury 13, the first group of American pilots to pass the ‘Women […]

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