• Imprint: Saqi Books
  • ISBN: 9780863566868
  • Published: May 2008
  • UK Price: £8.99
  • US Price: $14.95
  • Format: 215mm x 145mm
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Extent: 82pp
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A Lost Summer

Postcards From Lebanon

Edited by Maureen Ali

The summer 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon was reflected through a variety of media in the words and images of ordinary people. Blogs proliferated, emails zapped through cyberspace and text messages punched out instant reactions around the globe.

Culled from a vast selection of personal messages, A Lost Summer reflects a range of reactions from defiance and courage, confusion and anger, to humour and hope. Together with stunning photographs that catalogue the beauty and diversity of Lebanon, as well as the destruction of war, A Lost Summer is a unique homage to a country and its people in a time of conflict.

About the Editor(s)

A Lost Summer was edited by Maureen Ali, designed by Anna Ogden Smith, and compiled by Lebanon United.