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  • Published: May 2018
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Nabil Anani

Palestine, Land and People

Nabil Anani

Nabil Anani is one of the most prominent Palestinian artists working today. A painter, ceramicist and sculptor, Anani has built an impressive catalogue of outstanding, innovative and unique art over the past four decades, pioneering the use of local media such as leather, henna, natural dyes, papier-mâché, wood, beads and copper. He is considered by many as a key founder of the contemporary Palestinian art movement.

Anani’s development as an artist has run in parallel with major events in recent Palestinian history. As a consequence of its extraordinary political and historical context, Palestinian art exhibits distinctive responses to issues of exile, dislocation, conflict, memory and loss. Anani’s work embraces those critical political and psychological areas, which constitute the lived Palestinian experience. His artistic vision restores and celebrates a denied and often-forgotten reality, his work re-igniting memory.

Bringing together over 150 of the pioneering artist’s works from 1976–2016, as well as essays from leading experts in contemporary Middle Eastern art, this monograph is essential for the expert and enlightening for the general reader.

About the Author

Nabil Anani (b.1943, Latroun, Palestine) graduated in Fine Art from Alexandra University, Egypt, in 1969. On his return to Palestine, he began a career as an artist and teacher trainer at the UN training college in Ramallah. Anani held his first exhibition in Jerusalem in 1972 and has since exhibited widely in Europe, North America, the Middle East, North Africa and Japan – both as an individual artist and with groups of his Palestinian contemporaries. Anani was awarded (by Yasser Arafat) the first Palestinian National Prize for Visual Art in 1997 and became the head of the League of Palestinian Artists in 1998. Since retiring from his teaching post in 2003, Anani has dedicated much of his time to voluntary pastimes, playing a key role in the establishment of the first International Academy of Fine Art in Palestine. He lives in Ramallah, Palestine.