Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic

Extreme Vetting, NOW!

Edited by Lynn Gaspard

Even E.T. was allowed to phone home. But then, he was a good alien.

Donald Trump is right about some things. Private planes are expensive. Golf courses are popular. Robert Pattinson should have dumped Kirsten Stewart. His other policies are hair brained, to say the least.

How can you tell if your neighbour is speaking Muslim? Is a mosque a kind of hedgehog? Can I get fries with that burka? You can’t trust the media any longer, but there’s no need to fret: Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic: Extreme Vetting, NOW! provides you with the answers. Read this book to learn how you too can spot an elusive Islamist. Discover how Arabs (even 21-year-old, largely innocuous and totally adorable ones) plant bombs and get tips about how to interact with Homeland Security, which may or may not involve funny discussions about your sexuality.

Crackling with wit and verve, these subversive pieces of words and art from around the world are an explosion of expression, creativity and colour. This is our trump card. It is, quite simply, ‘da bomb.’


Full colour throughout