Pay No Heed to the Rockets – Bristol Central Library, 17 May 2018

‘A modern love song to literature in Palestine. A must for readers inquisitive about writers and their creative powers, their checkered pasts and their struggles and triumphs.’

Time: 7pm – 8pm
Address: College Green, Bristol BS1 5TL
Tickets: £3

In 2012 Marcello Di Cintio accepted the position of writer-in-residence with the Palestine Writing Workshop. Di Cintio had long been looking for a ‘way in’ to Palestine, a starting point other than politics and struggle. Wherever he visited, Di Cintio found a story. Stories of how revolutionary writing was smuggled from the Naqab Prison; stories from the Gallery Café, whose opening three thousand creatives and intellectuals gathered to celebrate; and the lost generations of stories contained within the books that are held in Israel’s National Library.